The Preschool level admits children between the ages of five(5) months to five(5)years.  The preschool begins from creche to Kindergarten II.  Our Preschool curriculum is based on the Ghana Education Service standard.  They learn subjects like Numeracy, Literacy, Our World, Our People, Creative Arts, etc. We have dedicated teachers to bring out the God given talents in them.


Grade School(Primary)

RIS has primary school levels which admits pupils from Six (6) to about eleven (11) years. This level has two(2) divisions – Lower Primary and Upper Primary. The Lower Primary from Grade 1-3 offers the following subjects –  English Language, Mathematics, Natural Science ,Religious & Moral Education, French , Our World, Our People, Twi, Creative Arts, History, Chinese Language.

 From Grade 4-6 (Upper Primary), subjects offered are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Religious & Moral Education, History, Our World & Our People, French, Twi, Creative Arts ,Computing and Chinese Language.


Junior High School

RIS runs a Junior High School with most students being between the ages of eleven(11) and fifteen (15) years. Subjects studied are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Religious & Moral Education, French, Twi, Basic Design & Technology (Pre Technical Skills and Home Economics) and Information & Communication Technology.



We offer the Ghana Education Service curriculum from Preschool through the Junior High. Students undergo a series of mock exams to help them sit for the WAEC – BECE.



Our tuition fees are moderately charged and it is therefore affordable. Parents are at liberty to pay the fees through the Banks. Installment payment is also allowed for a period upon consultation.